Repetitive work should be automated

The modern design workflow is full of repetitive tasks that could easily by automated.

We've reached a point in AI development where we can rely on it for what used to be creative tasks.

I haven't however seen any AI projects do any serious progress in aiding the design workflow, not yet.

I think it's a matter of approach.

Most of the design AI tools that pretend to be able to create "flows" out of a few vague prompts are, in my opinion, missing the point.

I don't think we should be asking AI to "build me an onboarding for a fintech bank".

Rather, we should be asking the machine for 3 options to arrange a layout, or detect inconsistencies across 200+ artboards, or consolidate repetitive components and styles.

These are thinks that are a massive time suck for product designers and the technology to automate them already exists.

This will free up our time to do the human thinking that's required to understand problems from a place of empathy towards the people we design for.

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