Gmail shortcuts cheat sheet

Image of Gmail's logo against a white background — from Wikipedia.

You came here for the shortcuts so let's get to them.

In the general view

  1. Next email  J or
  2. Previous email K or
  3. Select email X
  4. Labels L
  5. Delete selected email Shift #
  6. Mark as Read Shift I
  7. Mark as Spam Shift !
  8. Archive selected or open email E

Inside an email

  1. Open email
  2. New email C
  3. Reply to open email R
  4. Send current email Cmd
  5. Go to All Mail G and then A
  6. Back to Inbox G and then I

Why this list?

While all the shortcuts are listed on Google's support page, that page is not very practical.

You can't use Cmd f to search because the content is hidden beneath accordion menus. And the page has a ton of shortcuts I personally don't use and they just add noise.

If anything, this article will help me quickly remember the most important shortcuts. I can always find them by googling ed orozco gmail shortcuts

Cheers ✌️


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