Shottr is my new screenshot-annotation tool

The ability to quickly annotate and share screenshots is almost a hard requirement for designers, especially when working async.

Over the years I've tried a bunch of tools to do just that.

The more useful a tool is, the more excited I get about telling everyone about it.

CloudApp, apparently now called "Zight"

Back in 2017-2018, I was a die-hard fan of CloudApp.

As soon as you took a screenshot, it opened the annotation window with simple yet effective tools like adding text, arrows and rectangles.

After editing, it automatically copied a URL to you annotated screenshot to your clipboard for easy sharing.

What a smooth workflow that was.

But then, as it happens with many products, it got bloated.

The experience became clunky, slow, and with a ton of features I didn't care for. So I started looking for alternatives.

And I found Shottr

What I use now: Shottr

I probably misspell it half of the time

What I like about it is

  • It's fast
  • It's got everything I need. Rectangles, arrows, lines, text and even blur!

It's a one-time purchase (oh yes) but you can even use it for free indefinitely which is mind-blowing.

I bought it use it all the time and it's such a bargain compared to what I used to pay for Zight.

They also have the coolest upsell ever.

Btw, they are not paying for this post. I couldn't even find this Max guy who develops it.

I'm just happy to recommend things I find valuable.

Hope you find it useful as well.

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