Loom As An A-Sync Tool

An image showing a cropped screenshot of Loom's website

Screen recordings are fantastic for remote communication.

They are easy to make, faster than typing, and simulate the experience of sharing your screen, all while being 100% a-sync and creating a more personal communication than text.

Screen recordings are recommended for:

  • Explaining a process, e.g., installing software, creating an account, using a tool.
  • Providing visual feedback, e.g., a design review.
  • Communicating a message that benefits from context, e.g., where to find a specific file or interpret a file or chart.

Screen recordings are not recommended for

  • Information that needs to remain searchable, e.g., emails, customer data, meeting notes.
  • Information that needs to be converted to text e.g., copy or content
  • Exchanging ideas and planning, e.g., brainstorming sessions, making decisions.

While there a many tools for recording your screen, my personal favorite is Loom (loom.com). It's easy to use, fast and free (up to 5m per recording)

Every time you make a recording, Loom creates a link that you can share with your team. You can then add that link to an email or a Slack message.

Whether you're creating a tutorial, providing feedback on a design deliverable, or want to add a bit of a personal touch to your message, screen recordings are a practical way to get your point across.

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