Best Books for UX Agency Owners

This is a collection of books that have had a profound impact on my professional career growing and managing remote UX design teams.

They cover a range of topics from how to explain complex design concepts to clients, to how to draft proposals and command higher fees.

I recommend you read these in the order they are laid out here, left to right, top to bottom.

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Last updated: 13 March 2022

Build to Sell – John Warrillow

Whether you're planning to sell or to attract investors, this book will help you structure your agency to maximize its market value.

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Book Cover -  Built to Sell

Pocket Full of Do — Chris Do

A concise collection of all of Chris Do's advice for creative business owners. From pricing to mindset, all killer, no filler.

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Book Cover - Pocket Full of Do

Pricing Design — Dan Mall

Short and sweet. You can read this one over a venti cappuccino. It introduced me to the concept of value-based pricing.

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Book Cover - Pricing Design

The Lean Startup — Eric Ries

A seminal classic of tech entrepreneurship. Introduced the term MVP to the masses and does a great job at democratizing design thinking.

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Book Cover - The Lean Startup

The Business of Expertise — David C. Baker

A great guide for consultants who sell their expertise as a premium service.

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Book Cover - The Business of Expertise

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design — Douglas Davis

Douglas gives creatives a crash course on business jargon and how to talk to clients confidently, in business terms.

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Book Cover - Creativer Strategy and the Business of Design

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto — Blair Enns

Invaluable advice on how to turn your creative business from an order taker, paid by the hour one, to a highly valuable expert.

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Book Cover - The Win Without Pitching Manifesto


Human-Centered Design condensed into a 5-day handbook.

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Book Cover - Sprint

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