Books & Readings

This is a collection of books that have had a profound impact in my professional career.

Whenever someone asks me for book recommendations, this is the list I send them.

The links are all Amazon affiliate links.

Pricing DesignSee on Amazon
Pricing Design
Dan Mall

Short and sweet. You can read this one over a venti cappuccino. It introduced me to the concept of value-based pricing.

The Lean StartupSee on Amazon
The Lean Startup
Eric Ries

A seminal classic of tech entrepreneurship. Introduced the term MVP to the masses and does a great job at democratizing design thinking.

The Business of ExpertiseSee on Amazon
The Business of Expertise
David C. Baker

A great guide for consultants who sell their expertise as a premium service.

Don't Make Me ThinkSee on Amazon
Don't Make Me Think
Steve Krug

A great intro to the world of UX and interface design.

Creative Strategy and the Business of DesignSee on Amazon
Creative Strategy and the Business of Design
Douglas Davis

Douglas gives creatives a crash-course on business jargon and how to talk to clients confidently, in business terms.

The Win Without Pitching ManifestoSee on Amazon
The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
Blair Enns

Invaluable advice on how to turn your creative business from an order taker, paid by the hour one, to a highly valuable expert.

SprintSee on Amazon
Jake Knap, Braden Kowitz & Dan Bittner

Human-Centered Design condensed into a 5-day handbook.

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