Loom As An A-Sync Tool

June 8, 2021

Loom As An A-sync Tool

Screen recordings are fantastic for remote communication.

They are easy to make, faster than typing, and simulate the experience of sharing your screen, all while being 100% a-sync and creating a more personal communication than text.

Screen recordings are recommended for:

  • Explaining a process, e.g., installing software, creating an account, using a tool.
  • Providing visual feedback, e.g., a design review.
  • Communicating a message that benefits from context, e.g., where to find a specific file or interpret a file or chart.

Screen recordings are not recommended for

  • Information that needs to remain searchable, e.g., emails, customer data, meeting notes.
  • Information that needs to be converted to text e.g., copy or content
  • Exchanging ideas and planning, e.g., brainstorming sessions, making decisions.

While there a many tools for recording your screen, my personal favorite is Loom (loom.com). It's easy to use, fast and free (up to 5m per recording)

Every time you make a recording, Loom creates a link that you can share with your team. You can then add that link to an email or a Slack message.

Whether you're creating a tutorial, providing feedback on a design deliverable, or want to add a bit of a personal touch to your message, screen recordings are a practical way to get your point across.

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